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I hope to make your experience with Flour and Fold a special one. Please browse my website, gallery and social media to ensure my cake style suits you. Once you're happy, send your enquiry (in as much detail as possible) over on my QUOTE page. I will then contact you to go through the elements in your design. My cakes are catered to your requirements and personalised accordingly. This can be from featuring names, ages, or your favourite chocolate bar! For biscuit orders, this still applies, and your design can be as personal as you wish. 


Once you've decided to go ahead with your bespoke order, I require a 25% non-refundable deposit in order to secure your booking if it exceeds £50. The rest of your payment is due a week prior to your booked date.

If your order is under £50, then it is payable in full at the time of ordering. If you have requested a delivery service, the cost of this will be included in the final, agreed price.

I will do my best to accommodate short notice orders, however this can't be guaranteed, so please place your order as early as possible for best availability.


Cakes, as with many food items, require certain temperature control and careful transportation. 

Cakes must be kept on a flat surface, either in your passenger foot well or the boot. I do not recommend holding the cake or placing it on a seat. Please ensure the heating in the car is off and if it is a warm day, make sure the AC has been running for some time before the cake goes in the car.
Avoid all sunlight directly on the cake. Hold the cake by the base only and do not hold it against your body.
Keep the cakes in the fridge or somewhere cool & dark, bringing it up to room temperature an hour or so before you want to tuck in. When transporting cakes yourself, ensure they have been in the fridge beforehand. Travelling with room temperature cake is most likely going to cause damage.
Please drive very carefully as we are not responsible once the cake leaves our premises.
Once cut, store in an airtight container or wrap it in cling film.  

I cannot be held accountable for any damages which may occur once a cake has left my possession. Please follow my advice to ensure the safety of your cake.


All wedding cake prices are tailored to each cake.
Once a quotation has been sent, your date will be held for 3 weeks. 
To secure your booking a 25% non refundable deposit must be made and the outstanding balance must be made 4 weeks before the date. 
Orders are not secured unless the deposit has been paid.
Wedding cakes with less than 4 weeks notice will have to be paid in full. 
Any changes made to wedding cakes must be made at least 5 weeks prior.  

If you wish to pay in instalments, this can be arranged upon confirmation of the order.
Once a cake has been delivered and set up, we can not be held liable for any damages done. 


If your order is placed with less than two weeks notice and we need to order any personalised items, should the item not arrive in time or get lost in the post a refund for the item isn’t available. Please contact about your cake in advance so we can order the personalised bits in. Cake bookings can be taken 6 months in advance.

Please be aware that all items made by Flour and Fold happen in a kitchen which handles allergens. Please make us aware when placing your order if you have any dietary requirements. 


Delivery Zones

If your address falls within the highlighted zone, you qualify for free local delivery! 

If you live outside this zone, delivery is subject to an additional charge, or you are welcome to collect from our kitchen.

Please get in touch for more information.


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